Mt. Casual and Stubborn Liberty

by Mat Caron

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'Mt. Casual and Stubborn Liberty' was written and recorded from Winter to Summer, 2017.


released June 6, 2017

All songs but 'Cold Wind' (music by Devon Brown) were written, performed and recorded by Mat Caron.



all rights reserved


Mat Caron UK

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Track Name: Transference
Pass it all along. This pain is strong, deep inside my marrow. Break it off. Take a bite. Feel the body under the sheet, ghost white. Still moon, still whispering our name. Some little fuck rolling around inside my bed. Grey light is passing through my legs. City outside is pulsing vein and I absorb the sadness of it all, but that still moon still whispers my name. See you soon, little moon, still whispering my name.
Track Name: Smooth Sailing (Ugly)
When the night time comes I am thankful for the things I have done but when it's morning time, again, I wince. Up again, and waiting. Things only get ugly from here. Cold light on some face in a mirror. Hey, kid. Looks like you've been crying, you're just sore from the weeks work ahead. Reborn. Things only get ugly from here. Let it be smooth sailing. Sleep is relief in many ways and I am grateful, but waking is fire in the pits of my eyes. Up again, and waiting. Things only get ugly from here. Let it be smooth sailing.
Track Name: And Seeing The Landscape Rise Around You Is A Security I Miss
When you're in the city, living, there are streets and roads all about the same size as before. People coming in from the countrysides for the Sunday show. The city park has grass and people everywhere. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold. Many towns around that can be reached by train. A city bus line branching all over the place and the suburbs are slow. The City Council still in their rooms doing what ever the hell they do, I couldn't say. Some people sleep all day and work all night and the street lights - that dull white glow - all in the eyes of the youngest and brightest just out for a roam on the Sundown Express, a crooked line they tow and I know I'd see myself if I'd only stop but when you're in the city living live in that uncensored part of life. When you're in the city there are signs to tell you which way to go and borders mark a place of leaving but you never really feel like you're leaving home. The world ceases to grow. It's just a large amount of space to loathe.
Track Name: We Are Divided
Well, of course, you got tired, both of waiting and work and of politics and paintings. Of the Terror Night. Well, of course, you would paint yourself up, a little bit. Just to stand out and hesitate. Maybe proof. Saw a sly figure shaping on the outside of the door. Begged the question of how long it'd been. Seen an imprint of you on the back of some painting I did a while back when I was in the thick of it. You probably caught me on your TV in the form of some premonitions I made but that was a little while ago and that little child with the knowing smile is dead. I imagine you still sitting in that chair at one with the universe. God only knows what was going on while me and Jones were pacing around the neighborhood. "Just one more lap, man, just one more lap." And a painful look seems to have developed in your eyes, some times, I can even blame myself but goddamn, man, you got to learn to be kind.
Track Name: Leech Me
Leech me, I am easy takings and I am ready and I am waiting for you to leech me. Come on, leech me. Don't think about the morning when I am downstairs, outside, in silence. Leech me. Leech me, I am simple-minded. Press a silver coin unto my eyes, pass me over, leech me, drain me of my blood until it runs only brown. A microphone stain fills your mouth. When I am gone, no more leeching. Leech me.
Track Name: Cold Wind
A cold wind comes tickling. A cough in the center of my throat. When I am inside and warm. A little too warm. Wake me up, dear. Wake me up, sweet thing, when you decide it's time to leave. A cold wind comes tickling and I stutter my voice a step. When we were last greeting - another time I wish I'd have so much to say. Forget it, it's all a memory. A cold wind.
Track Name: The Nationalist
The change came on slow at first - the daughters and sisters, come, Holy Ghost with foreign tongue. Changed all the land to desert kingdoms. The shape of the eyes has changed in all of my neighbors. Now, they see the world through tiniest frame. Forgot whom they love. Forgot their own names. Their family names. Oh, the lonesome things this mind has done. Never asked to be taken so seriously, but the strangest of lives has swallowed me whole and disguise has turned it's back on me. Let's settle up, this summer.