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Nothing Is Painful, Nobody Is Listening was written and recorded from October 2015 to August 2016.


released August 10, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Mat Caron.



all rights reserved


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Mat Caron UK

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Track Name: Use My Worth
A long time staring at you. What I wouldn't give for five minutes with you - I think I'd use my worth.
Track Name: New Tide Did Roll In
Let's be clear of who I am speaking of, 'cause I don't think I'm clear of you, yet. Quiet nights in my bed have a new depth - a new way to be said. A calm approach to the morning. "Did you sleep well?" Not at all, my love, but nothing is painful.
I won't name any names, anymore, unless I am paid to do so. I won't speak to nobody when nobody is listening, but I found it hard - but I found it in the end: that cold answer to that part of me. No, it wasn't easy, I've said this before, but I think I was happy when the New Tide did roll in.

Loose lips is a kiss from the mouth of a storm that's still pissed at me.
Ripped lips is a kiss from the mouth of a storm that's still pissed at me.
Sore lips is a kiss from the mouth of a storm that's still pissed at me.
Well, so be it. Be pissed at me.
Track Name: I'd Never Know
That tiny, little flat out on the East side, I think, in a city I'd never know. I was truly happy, sweetheart, believe that at least, in that city I'd never know if it hadn't been for you.
Out on the island drinking tall beers with Spanish names by the sea I'd never know if it hadn't been for you. Reading 'Sputnik Sweetheart', burnt by the sun I'd hobble around by the sea I'd never know if it hadn't been for you.
Quiet nights on a farm, somewhere, with the cows and Coquin and Cannelle in the quiet of the North. We'd listen to your favorite American country singers. Rode your brothers' bikes around the countryside in the quiet of the North.
Standing outside a European train station - in retrospect you were standing so close. With your body you kept me from leaving. Kisses, hugs, tears and good-byes are done. My mind is with the road: that Long Stretch Blue, but, with your mind I am, always.
Track Name: You Hold
Time seems to take a break, sometimes. Those times when things are heavy on your spine and all the things you ought to say go wistfully away from any breath you hold. You hold the time spent waiting: patience is something you hold.
There is a meadow, I'm told, by the river me and Dave are living, now. A path that leads to the heart of town - the heart of things we would follow hand in hand if you'd only said 'yes' to anything I have or will propose.
Just trying to stop it all coming full circle. At least, for you.
Track Name: Sorry If You've Heard This One Before
Sorry, if I don't know you, anymore. A cold thought lying in the back of my mind, but, it gets hard as Hell to keep track of all the negative things that happen in my life.
Sorry, if I don't see you around, anymore, but maybe the whole time I just wanted you to hear. Anyway, it's 'all water under the bridge' as they say - I'm sure I'll bump in to you at some point, someday.

Sitting around, somewhere, with my friend. Talking hard of things we are living. I told him, "Every truth deserving would be heard if they'd only listen in. I know it could be hard to hear it but it ain't fair to dismiss it. It's subjective as it's getting old, but, don't stop me if you've heard this one, before."
Track Name: Because We Need To Be
Shining down is a cold wave. Come, smother me in my sleep - make me see - a fine, warm body coming slowly over me. But, the animals in me, we are blind to the things you see. We are fine because we need to be.
Track Name: Hiding Away
Maybe it's not enough, just a few words on the matter.
Maybe, I'll just keep going over it and over and over and over and over.
Maybe one day you'll listen in, hear your name speaking tongues, ultra-soft in front of you.
Maybe the time I spent whispering, I could have shout until my lungs gave out.

Don't breath love in to me, I am hiding away. I am more than you see, now, in front of you.

Shy away when confronted by a face you thought you knew a while back, down in the South part of town, kicking around.
Making enemies with yourself.

Don't breath love in to me when you're hiding away. Be more than I see in front of me, now.
Track Name: Showered
Hushed and quiet tones.
Flowing storms ascend the sheet until we're both showered.
It's a cold light shining in but it makes me grin, and there's a warmth that's growing below me but it's pulling me in.

Shades of blue and white, come running in and out and in and out and in and out. Slowing is the breathing. A shared experience.
Pretty colors are hypnagogic. No fuss, no air.
Backwards, I roll, tumbling. A sharp snap whips us awake until we're both showered.
Track Name: Trace The Whale From The Shoreline With The Other Men
"Trail: lead me to nowhere, yet again.
I concede to a life-time of longing!"
Trace the whale from the shoreline with the other men. As one we stand in awe of what we see. Compressing truth with beauty.

Calling out from the wave. You have memory but are just happy to breath. Cry me in and allow my blood to boil. I am a man, that's all I can be.

"All sight does embody a form: smoke-ring, circle light. Fall around your body, now, all I see is warmth and breath and light. Mixed the colors, tinged a red. And all the bodies swinging side by side are touching or throwing shade and drinks are held high. It's a short time, here, but now everyone's up on there feet, again, heading home alone."
Track Name: A Final Word For What Matters
Nothing would ever really be enough for someone like you. A person's best: just frayed clothes hanging in the closet. And we're all kind of stumbling around, now, and I see it all. A herd I thought so little of then, but there is a constant pain - but it's smaller, now.
Trees can grow, so I can grow in to something else after dying in the Winter.
Making pain where it is not found to tap some thing - I can't say I'm too proud, but I just write song and I can't figure out why, anymore.

I think it all had something to do with you.

"Then, came all after but swollen tongue and bad health.
A disposition of one's self."
Track Name: Despite Understanding
How could I, in such a moment; break a steady-handed life, smash a young man's wife away - with things I'd say? How could I ever had known time is all it takes? Break face for just a space, a moment in time is all that plays inside your mind. "Will try to iron out the lines.
Stay wild."
Became a child while you were growing in to your shoes. How confusing, a time can be. Spent face to face, all day. Bodies on each other in a slow way.
The waltz of jazzy hand-me-downs. Filling our place with hand-me-downs. Old clock radio with vinyls all around. Books on witchcraft are found near the family photo of a man and his dog
- a man and his wife
- a man and his extended family, now.

I still think about what happened to him. I still want to hear his voice, sometimes.
Track Name: Spiritual
When I talk spiritual it's all banned tongue. Ways of color are running up and down the land. We all gather around the fire lit, begging to be enlightened by the other hold fire, but never glancing.
When I talk spiritual I think I might be speaking in tongues. A weird wave comes over this little vessel. I am alone for a moment. I am alone in a moment. I think I can understand something outside of what I understand. Maybe I am meditating? Maybe I am throwing out my signs.
Maybe I'm just insane. Maybe I am possessed by a force so unnatural but natural, spiraling.

Maybe I am spiraling. "Up or down?"

When I talk spiritual it's all concept and contexts trying to explain my connection with how I would explain that connection of what it is that builds that connection - a bridge to another soul. Some thing inhabiting what I see in front of me and go looking up and down and side to side and all around, spiraling. Maybe I am spiraling.

Maybe I am spiraling. "Up or down?"
Maybe I am spiraling up or down.
Track Name: Song
So, I'm sure you can see how it's all gone. I'm sure you can hear, now, it's all rants with nothing really else to say. Just rambling away. I don't know, maybe I always was.
Is there any point anymore? Is there any reason to create work, anymore? There's just so much out there and contributing to the anarchy of it all - I just think it's hurting, now. I mean, when did we last really help each other out?
It's not saying 'good-bye' - it's putting it all in to perspective. It becomes clear when it's accepted, honey, I promise. Two separate things kind of mingling for a while. But, after a while it's all sighs and more time figuring it out rather than just enjoying it for what it is.

I'm breaking up with everything.