Mount Casual and Stubborn Liberty

by Mat Caron



"And there I saw Mt. Casual - a stubborn liberty."


released April 20, 2017

All songs written, performed and recorded by Mat Caron.



all rights reserved


Mat Caron UK

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Track Name: Smooth Sailing
When the night time comes I am grateful for the things I have done but when it's morning time, again, I wince. Up again, and waiting. Things only get ugly from here. Cold light on some face in a mirror. Hey, kid! Looks like you've been crying, you're just sore from the weeks work ahead. Reborn. Things only get ugly from here. Let it be smooth sailing. Sleep is relief in many ways and I am grateful. Waking is fire in the pits of my eyes. Up, again, and waiting. Things only get ugly from here. Let it be smooth sailing.
Track Name: And Seeing The Landscape Rise Around You Is A Security I Miss
When you're in the city, living, there are streets and roads all about the same size as before. People coming in from the countrysides for the Sunday show. The city park has grass and people everywhere. Sometimes it's hot, sometimes it's cold. Many towns around that can be reached by train. A city bus line branching all over the place and the suburbs are slow. The City Council still in their rooms doing what ever the hell they do, I couldn't say. Some people sleep all day and work all night and the street lights - that dull white glow - all in the eyes of the youngest and brightest just out for a roam on the Sundown Express, a crooked line they tow and I know I'd see myself if I'd only stop but when you're in the city living live in that uncensored part of life. When you're in the city there are signs to tell you which way to go and borders mark a place of leaving but you never really feel like you're leaving home. The world ceases to grow. It's just a large amount of space to loathe.