by Mat Caron

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Recorded in the month of November, 2014, by Joseph Hansard and Mat Caron at home. 'Restless Moving Leg' recorded by Mat Caron in February 2015.


released 10 February 2015

Everything written and performed by Mat Caron. Album photography by Hortense Alisse.



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Mat Caron UK

Mat Caron is a singer and guitar player based in the South West of England.

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Track Name: Soothes Me
Don't you dare come back when I least need you. I'm here as a friend, but only this, darling. There was pain in my mind, consuming my insides, but hide until the storm is long out of sight. Please, give me the pieces of everything you stole. I won't mind having to put them together myself. It's a shame but now I can say your name without the tone in my voice slowly losing any strength. Forget everything I said - I was the silly one. You fooled me more than twice and shame did become me. It's a hard long road what splits at the end and it ends for us all eventually, and this soothes me.
Track Name: Loss
I guess I don't really know what it means to love you yet and when you say I cannot understand it's more than a barrier that we've invented. I'm just so used to being the cold and logical one. It seems you've taken my place this time, so grasp the gravity of your responsibility. And I know I've heard you say on more than one occasion, "just give attention to now." But damn it, I'm not with you, and it's all I can think about. The twenty-eighth of June: A time I won't forget any time soon. But, when it comes for you to break my heart - you won't lose me, I lose you.
Track Name: Lille (An Instrumental)
An Instrumental
Track Name: A Place I Cannot Pronounce
Spread the oil out thin, baby. We're cruising at a comfortable speed on our way just a day after I've arrived. Let it all sink in, darling, I won't be here for long. Looking out West is a reminder I'll be gone. Another month, however long, is too long. Give a call on the other side of the bed. It's a cold place here without your head laying on my chest and pushing me down but not dragging me down. Sweating like all Hell all over me. Saying words that no one knows. It was a test just to see how we feel. Another month, however long, is too damn long.
Track Name: Restless Moving Leg
When I arrive outside the station, everything does start to glow. I am greeted by the gentle cold - unseasonal as I have been told. Break through the clouds, Brother Sun. You are the heat in which we need. There is a cupping of hands and a twining of fingers. No bruises shown nor noses bleed. Everyone needs an Angel to keep still a restless moving leg. Crowds of people all pass us, babe, but I see no other face. A hint of something still lingers. Hand and hand there is a walking all the way home. In a place I do not know - oddly quiet I am told. Take all the back streets, my little heart. I am tired from travel and I need skin on skin. Lay your hair all around me. I just don't know where to begin. Everyone needs that Angel. Lift them high and show them the city lights. Crowds of people all blankly pass me, babe, but I see no other face.
Track Name: Thank You
Really hear me, boys. I haven't had a chance to say. I'm sorry the words faltered at the time but there is still a debt to repay. I truly owe my life and I don't think you know this yet, but it means the world to me: You helped me find the world, again. It's a short one I can feel that already. Perhaps two verses and then recorded and release ready. But, really hear me, now. This might be the last time I say: live your lives so beautiful and realize you gave me the same. So, thank you. You breathed the loved back in to me, you helped my sight when I couldn't see.
Track Name: It Wasn't Easy
Please, don't turn away, not even in jest. I need you close to my weary bones like I need breath. Lines in my forehead are cutting deeper every day but pay no attention when I say the silly things I need to say. And I grumble and I snort like a pig but you show no signs of displease. It's a coy thought, but I think it's something: You and Me. Called a slighted brow beautiful, so yes, I am confused. But Hell, I ain't complaining if I've got you. I think I am happy now, is that all right?