We Are Lovely Things

by Mat Caron



Recorded at The Lodge in the beginning of September.

“It’s an album designed to speak to individuals, a sound track to quiet reflection and exorcising ghosts, pondering past decisions and remembering that it is through our failures as much as our successes that we evolve and become well rounded people.”


released September 11, 2015

All songs written, performed and recorded by Mat Caron. Album photography by Mat Caron.



all rights reserved


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Mat Caron UK

Mat Caron is an American singer and guitar player based in Cambridge, England and has been releasing music since 2008.

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Track Name: Vagrant Bodies
I have been resting my mind. Take it easy, being slow. Looking around where I can go. Like a little rat, you have been racing. When I really saw you last you were naked. You are an ever changing face. A vagrant body changing shape. I make short moves on you. You are an ever changing face. A body with no shape. You found me all too late. You said that true love evolves - I can't say that I agree. You are an ever changing face, baby, let me rest. Let me change.
Track Name: We Are Lovely Things
Words you used were like waves coming down washing over ever grain of sand on the ground. And the birds above were making sounds, warning us to hide and not be found. And there was a bead of sweat that wet your brow with the lights from the bars flashing all around. A quiver in your voice I could barely make out and we both stood so still in the jeers and shouts of our friends, all around, with a grim look as they searched the town for a lover not cast down. Eyes are darting to the ground. Things you said were like biblical verse - they confused me to Hell but ended up making some sense. You love the silence of a morning sun. I bet it feels like you're the only one of our friends, all around, with a grim look as they searched the town for a lover not cast down. Eyes are darting to the ground.
Track Name: Who Won
I broke all the animals that trailed around me and nothing was said at the end of the horrid scene and the whores dripped through the doors and coughed in my mind, again. I am waiting for the day to say, "Okay, I am done - Who won?" Oh, the penicillin works, it kills two birds with one stone and the laughing from the upstairs is beginning to echo down those stairs and through the house and right up to my ears and it translates as somebody, telling me "My Dear, hold it up as you sing. Bend the notes, oh, the highest and be heard among the scum you surround yourself by. Low waves and vibrations become sickly and sweet. Does the night time offend you or does it help you to sleep?" And crawling down the midnights on all fours, I am Dog. "Bark once for yes and twice for no." Oh, come on, we're done here. Feed my ego and I will tend to your garden, leaving only soil and sour fruit and pieces of the fence. Hold yourself up as I sting. Bend that pretty little thing. When I'm done she will sing and begin to get dressed and as I watch her hair fall, oh, in places I didn't think, I finally can say, "Okay, I'm done - Who won?"
Track Name: Hero Of My Own Story
I am going to call it quits just as soon as I am done with it. "Such a life," I've heard them say, "a balancing act of everyday!" Gentle vices rule an empty King. Drying eyes from all the things he's seen. Evenings warm and crowded with soul. Push away and sing low. It seems like so long ago, when I was reading Buk out on the roads. Strolling around an empty town. Ghosts flood my very bones. But those footsteps, they can't reach me here. I am alone but I am sheer happiness. I'm lossless. I am exposed. Oh, a shallow boy was I. And soon a valiant, I tried to become hero of my own story. Leading chapters wrapped in myth. This is not I who is worried. Faint a howl at a sorry moon, you should have listened when I told you, "Love does not evolve, it simply grows." Don't sit alone too long, now.
Track Name: Please Don't Say We Never Gave You Any Chances
I don't care if you hear this, but I have a funny feeling you won't. But, we all missed you so terribly each time you'd go. With every mile you spent on the road, we would smile back at home wishing you were there. Please, don't say we never gave you any chances - we traveled halfway across those damned states just to sit as puppies while you got your kicks. You don't come up very often, in these songs, but when you do it's because I wish you could be here, now.
Track Name: Some Roots
Some roots grow down so low, they hold the mass of a tree above the ground. Stumpy little juggernaut. Leaves are all dried on the branches. Medium sun light at best and the roots are thick as all the arms of all the strongest men. But due to climbing are the children upon branch after branch pulling down the great arms towards the sullen ground, backing the tree to it's death. Breathing a feast for the worms, touching the ground with it's charms. Digging in fingers, to coil around the roots that grow down. Some roots grow down so low they are hidden away for miles, and they pull and they scream a farce to the earth. Gathering nothing of worth. Gathering no water in the soil. Rainless skies are the wish to the best, throw a fist in the air from the mouth of the trunks. Roots below twist below feeling for oxygen.
Track Name: Different
I wake, I breath. I dress, I leave. I shake my cock. I run, I walk down the roads we know. Through all the alleys we'd go. Always reading in to anything you'd say. I just felt so defeated. Oh, let me bare the pain. It has been so long and I am defeated. Oh, I changed, I said I would. It's been too long and I am different. I am hollow and I am swollen and I have bruises to show, and I still shake in the night but when I can.