Little Painful

by Mat Caron

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Written in late winter, 2016.


released April 1, 2016

All songs written, performed and recorded by Mat Caron.



all rights reserved


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Mat Caron UK

Mat Caron is an American singer and guitar player based in Cambridge, England and has been releasing music since 2008.

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Track Name: Just A Small Piece Of You
I don't care what anyone thinks. I just need time to myself to think. Speak your mind and project all the things inside that little head of yours. Shake a hand, name a name. Sing aloud if you remember that name. Holding crowds makes a young man think. Just a small piece of you (...)
Track Name: Words Of Encouragement
I speak to you late at night when we're both new. Words of encouragement flow from me, flow from you. Seems they still do, somehow, connected to you. Don't think I sound too sober. Just took that town off like a coat because it's warming up. Won't throw shades over my eyes. 'Post' is playing in the background, here they come - words of encouragement, flow from places in my mind. I am still there, somehow I have remained with the boys all around me and we're all singing songs and Voodoo's playing on the ground and there's heavy, thick smoke and the neighbors ain't complained because it's Saturday night but we'd rather be together just doing our thing and making shit up and throwing shit around, just being ourselves in a short calm world, just a 12x12 and an ashtray and some cards and I need to go to the store but we're all too stoned so we parade down the hill, end up down at the bar, maybe see some new friends, maybe, make an enemy and we're spilling our drinks and Ash just walked through the door and we're skipping our steps down the bottom of the town and we're shaking our tails: it was a young man's game.
Track Name: Little Painful
I guess no one ever really got it, but I can't say I haven't been trying to pass the message along. To tell the stories of friends and enemies. That may be self-centered. I came along unannounced hand-holding my way through to enlightenment. A place I could pretend I knew what was really going on, but I was always just as lost as you. I think people never really wanted to know me. The vibe I gave off was I was better than you. Hey, I was just timid. A little boy in fragile skin, rolling skin after skin, making enemies in potential friends. Things got ugly, I got dark. I mean the real dark, not the front I tried for. Confused, maybe, a few - including myself. Had to turn around and look at my wake. Wake up, find a new path. Stumble a while, while I walked. Walking slowly, finding new words. They were always there like an Easter egg hunt in the Californian heat some summer when I was bullied and dad was walking out. Baby, have you ever really frowned? I think I can finally say I am who I always meant to be: just me in the crowd. Just me and the crowd. So, here it is, laid on the table. On the stairs of Savoy last spring you said my latest release was all too honest, but to honesty I am humbled. By your energy I am crippled and the night swung on and I was dancing away, but only in my head. You lost your right to move freely, I was making my way out of town. That old bar. Friends come, friends go. All the real keepers got away but I thought if I loved them enough ... let them stay, smother them. But, I couldn't let go of something for so long. So long, buddy. When I released 'When We Were Hitchhikers' in December 2013 I was only trying to come across with a stern word. To be frank I jumped ahead of myself with both feet. Didn't know who I was becoming. Still growing in to the man I am now, the man I see in the mirror and truly cannot recognize but I continue to move, to live and breath in another time, another place. The 'girls' are now siblings and I am conscience of my own death and cancer (nearly) got a friend but he put up a fight. I'd never seen anyone with courage like that. I know I would have been scared. Just to have some nurse cleaning my dick would be enough to put me six feet under. I read too much in the second year of my new birth, but I have slowed, and I cannot wait for summer. I have slowed and I cannot wait for the summer.